script — a container for commands to be run by the exec element


Content Model

	    <script> = text


The script element accepts no attributes.


The <script> element is a container for a set of commands to be run by the <exec> element. The commands are entered on multiple lines, following the syntax of the intended interpreter.

The XML standard reserves several characters that demarcate sections (<) or introduce entities (&). If either of these characters are present within the script they must be 'escaped' to avoid special processing. The '<' character must be replaced with &lt; and & must be replaced with &amp; wherever they occur.


These elements contain script: exec.


The script element contains no other elements, but must contain text that constitute the commands to be executed.


Example 1

In this example the windows command processor is used to execute the rsync command to ensure that the latest copies of the required files prior to beginning to assemble the input matrix. The script to run is provided with the enclosed <script> element.

  <exec interpreter="cmd">
      rsync -av cloud_server:/project1/yield_files/version_2  ./yield_files/version_2