products — defines a collection of product attributes for the selection


Content Model

	    <products> = attributes+, attribute+. 





Products elements are very similar to features elements. The products elements enclose attribute curves and attribute sets that describe the outcomes resulting from a treatment.

Product elements are always enclosed within select elements. Typically the query statement will include a clause for the type of treatment that has been applied, as assigned a the produce element (see produce for more information). Including this qualifier in the product select query statement ensures that the product attributes in the <products> element refer only to the products derived from that particular treatment type.


These elements contain products: select.


The following elements can occur in products: attribute, attributes.


no attributes exist

See Also

produce, features, treatment.


In the following example two product attributes have been associated with the inventory record that matched the selection statement and the treatment type. These are the products that would be applied when the 'Exten' treatment type is chosen for this stand type.


As with the features element, the '%f' and '%m' substitution symbols are replaced with 'feature' or 'product', or 'managed' and 'unmanaged', as appropriate for the processing context.

  <select statement="FU eq 'PWST' and IFM in managed and SILVINT eq
	'Prsnt' and treatment eq 'Exten'">
      <attribute label="%f.Area.%m.PWST">
          <point x="0.0" y="1.0" />
      <attribute label="%f.Cost.silv.%m.Exten">
          <point x="0.0" y="50.0" />