produce — allows for assignment of stratification values during the resolution of product values


Content Model

	    <produce> = assign+.





Produce is a wrapper element for assign statements. These assign statement will update the record stratification values after the treatment is applied and prior to the calculation of product values. The updated field values will be used to match products sections by the select query statements.


These elements contain produce: treatment.


The following elements can occur in produce: assign.



The name of the field to update


The value to be assigned to the field.

See Also

treatment, assign, products, transition.


It is a common pattern to include a stratification field that provides the name of the current treatment. Stratification fields are defined near the beginning of the ForestModel file.

  <define field="treatment"/>

The following track has one treatment option is available (SCut). The produce element assigns 'SCut' to the treatment field when this treatment is applied.

  <select statement="FU eq 'BY1' and IFM in managed and SILVINT eq 'Regrowth'">
      <treatment label="SCut" minage="70" maxage="150" adjust="R" retain="15">
          <assign field="treatment" value="'SCut'" />

Elsewhere in the ForestModel a select element will enclose a products section for this treatment. The same stratification value are being selected, and in addition the treatment field is being queried for 'treatment eq 'SCut''. This section is specific to the products that are generated from the SCut treatment, and may include partial harvests, costs or net downs related to this treatment type.

  <select statement="FU eq 'BY1' and IFM in managed and SILVINT eq 'Regrowth' 
                     and treatment eq 'SCut'">
      ...  (product specifications not shown for brevity)