View treatments

The Treatment Viewer provides an interactive mechanism to apply, select and alter proposed management treatments within individual blocks.

To access the Treatment Viewer highlight the block layer in the MapViewer legend, and right click on a block in the Map Viewer. A pop up menu of options relating to the specific block will be made available; select View and Edit Treatments to open the Viewer.

Figure 83. Access Treatment Viewer

The Treatment Viewer has two main components: (see Figure 84, “Treatment Viewer”) the upper portion contains a line chart that depicts growth and yield curves and treatment timings, and the lower portion that contains a list of values showing all of the attributes that are recorded for the block, divided by managed and unmanaged stand information. If a block is composed of exclusively managed or exclusively unmanaged, only one column of attribute values will appear.

Figure 84. Treatment Viewer

Each attribute listed in the bottom portion of the Viewer has a corresponding curve in the above line chart. The corresponding attribute values will be highlighted in red when the mouse is following the curve in the line chart. The X axis of the line chart represents the years of the planning horizon. As the mouse is moved along a curve in the line chart the attribute values are updated to display the corresponding value for that year.

You can view the line chart to see the development of block attributes through time. Right click in the line chart area to obtain a menu of available treatment options. If there are not treatments available (perhaps the block is an unmanaged type, or it is beyond operability limits) an N/A symbol will appear.

The line chart shows values for the unmanaged portion of the block in red, and values for the managed portion in green.

The numbers in the lower portion of the viewer show the values of the attributes as they change through time. To change the values in the table move the cursor along the X-axis of the line chart. The numbers in the lower panel will be updated to show the forecast for the selected future time period.

The line chart also shows the timing of treatment options as vertical yellow lines. The numbers listed beside the vertical lines represent the product values that result from the application of the treatment. The timing of the treatment can be adjusted by dragging the vertical line to the left or right. The treatment editor will only permit the movement of the treatment timing within eligible date ranges (according to the early and late operability limits associated with the treatment). For further information on editing treatments, see the section called “Editing Treatment Schedules”.

The Treatment Viewer also provides a link to all the detailed information available for the specific block you have selected. Click on the table icon to access an HTML formatted report containing detailed stand characteristics, proposed management treatments and curves for both the managed and unmanaged portion of the Block.


The Treatment Viewer provides a useful tool to view very detailed information pertaining to an individual block. It also provides an opportunity to manually assign treatment options and timings to specific geographic locations.

You may access an HTML view of the growth and yield data by clicking on the table icon. The HTML formatted report contains detailed stand information and an enlarged GIF version of the line chart. The HTML Block report contains Initial stand components broken down by managed and unmanaged areas, as well as proposed management treatments and derived products. The rest of the report contains all feature curves for the managed and unmanaged portion of the forest. The HTML report also contains a link to download a data file in CSV format.