The trackname.csv file contains stratification codes that describe the origin of each track. Track name records are not required and it is not an error to omit them. If specified, they are used by some of the reporting tools to help identify the origin of the forest type in terms of the original stratification variables.

Table 7. Trackname file format

AttributeData TypeDescription
TRACKString An alphanumeric label that matches a track label from the block file (see the section called “Blocks”). It is an error to include track names for non-existent tracks.

A string describing the original inventory stratification that contributes to the track. The string has a format of "O - CODE - P" where O represents a relative shift in the offset for the inventory component, CODE is an arbitrary stratification code from the original inventory, and P is a proportion ranging from zero to one indicating the relative proportion that is contributed by this inventory unit.

The strata string may be repeated multiple times, each separated by a vertical bar "|". The format of this field depends on the data preparation tool being used.