Table Viewer

The Table Viewer allows the user to view, select, sort, analyse and export records contained within attribute tables.

The appearance of the Table Viewer is a familiar spreadsheet view with scroll bars to permit rapid browsing of rows and columns of data. In addition, for most tables, the table viewer contains a scroll bar on the right hand side that displays all the periods of the planning horizon.

The viewer provides a number of features to simplify data management: columns may be rearranged or hidden; rows can be selected or sorted; and the records of the table can be exported in a common CSV (comma separated values) format for use in other software packages.

The Table Viewer highlights rows to indicate the selection status of records. The selection status can be changed by clicking on rows or through the use of a Query Tool. Changes to the selection status are reflected to all other Patchworks tools that use the underlying dataset (see the section called “Map Viewer” and Creating Reports).

Figure 79. The Table Viewer