Adding Reports using the Report Wizard

If you are just starting out in Patchworks and want to put together a simple report, start with the Report Wizard. Right click on the folder where you want your report to go, click on "Add report" and follow the wizard from there. When you are finished, the report will immediately appear in your report tab window. Then, if you wish to add the code from any report to your PIN file, right click on the report and click on "Show Constructor". The code will be shown in a web browser window and can be copied and pasted into your PIN file or the Patchworks Console. The report will be automatically added the next time you load your PIN file, or immediately, if you use the Patchworks Console.

To make a report using the Report Wizard, and then use the code later in your PIN file, use the following steps .

  1. Report Wizard - Select "Add report" after right clicking on the Reports folder in the Report Tab window. Follow the wizard to create the report.

  2. Properties - If you want to adjust any of the parameters, select "Properties" when you right click on your report you have just made.

  3. Show Constructor - Select "Show constructor" when you right click on your report to show all the code corresponding to your report.

  4. PIN file - Copy and paste the code from Step 3 into your PIN file so that the report will automatically be generated the next time the model is loaded. Copying and pasting the code also gives you the opportunity to do even more finetuning and editing of the report.