Standard Report

The Standard Report had been replaced by the Multiple Target Report. This report name is more descriptive of the functionality of the report (see the section called “Multiple Target Report”). Only the name of the report has changed, and all functionality remains the same. The old Standard Report is still functional in Patchworks and is therefore explained below.

The Standard Report creates a report which summarizes groups of records found within a specified data table. Each row of the report table represents data which was summarized from a single plannning period, and all planning periods are present in the report. The column headings are derived from searching the 'TARGET' column of the data table (the sourceDataTable) for names that match the specified targetPrefix parametre. The cell values of the report table are created from an expression, for example dividing current model values by the period width to display annual information. Don't panic these parametres and their structure are explained in more detail below!