Graphical User Interface classes

Java contains a wide collection of classes to build graphical user interface that you can use for runtime interactions. The primary GUI framework that is included with Java is named Swing, and this toolkit is fully available within BeanShell. It is beyond the scope of this overview to provide more than a simple mention about what is available, so to learn about Swing and building a GUI check out some of the online resources.

Let's be honest, building a high quality GUI is a complicated process that requires the specification of a lot of detail. An added layer of complexity is that to program with Swing you must operate in a multi-threaded environment. Most Patchworks analysts will have no time or interest to become proficient in using the Swing API. There are, however, a few sample scripts in the Patchworks script library that use the Swing API to simple confirmation dialogs. The source code to these scripts is available in the Patchworks distribution for you to learn from and copy to your own project.