resaveReports — These methods are used to load up and save out scenarios.


These methods are used to load up and save out scenarios. The purpose would be to regenerate the reports after the the report definitions in the PIN file have changed. When the scenario is reloaded, the model will have the exact same conditions as when the reports were previously saved. The scenario can then be saved with identical conditions, but with the new report formats.

It is important that the model structure of the scenario to be resaved is identical to the currently running model. If the currently running model is different (e.g. does not have patch accounts loaded), then the model may fail to load and save correctly.

The existing scenario data files will be overwritten. If an error occurs during the loading step, then it is possible that the scenarios will be irreverisbly damaged. It is a good idea to keep zipFile copies as a backup before resaving reports.

Only selected reports are saved. You may adjust the selection of reports using the save report wizard.


void resaveReports ( String label ) 

The command has the following arguments:


The name of the scenario to reload and save.


Reload the scenario data and save reports for the scenario named 'label'.


void resaveReports ( ) 


Reload and save save selected reports for all scenarios that are found in the current workspace. This method will try to reload and save reports for all folders in the current works space that contain a 'scenario' folder containing a 'schedule.csv' file.