The Performance Table

The Performance Table is another tool used in the interpretation of simulation performance. It is accessed from the View menu on the main Patchworks toolbar. This table contains a list of all targets in the model and whether they are active with a minimum or maximum target. The values present for each period of the planning horizon correspond to whichever item is selected from the Indicator menu. These items correspond to all the fields in the target table.

For interpretation of simulation results, select "OBJECTIVE" as the indicator. Then click on the column "ACTIVE" and then click on the "Sort records in descending order" icon. All the values in the cells will be the objective, and all the active targets will be at the top of the table. The objective function is the difference between the target set and the target acheived. For the scheduler to reach the best solution, the objective function must be minimized. When each target is reached, the objective function is zero. In the Performance tabel, the more red the cell is shaded, the more positive the number, the more blue the cell is shaded, the more negative the number. The highest number indicates the objective that is hardest to acheive. To test this out, find a target that contains a high number shaded in red, and then find its corresponding target chart. For example, the targets feature.VQO.2-HE1 and feature.VQO.2-HE2 both have a maximum area target set across the planning horizon. Looking at the performance table, both have high red-shaded objective function cells for periods 1 through 4. Looking at the target charts for both these targets, the black bars have exceeded the target for those periods. Scanning the Performance table is analogous to scanning all the target charts at the same time.