Saving a Scenario

By saving the results of a scenario you are able to package an extremely detailed analysis into a single folder of reports and tables that can be further analyzed with other tools, sent to someone else for further analysis, posted on the web or compared with other scenario results. By packaging the entire scenario this way you are also able to reload the results into Patchworks. Reloading certain files from a saved scenario resets the model to the exact position it was saved at. This means an unfinished scenario can be saved, reloaded and continued when you have more time.


It is very important to pause Pause the scheduler while you are saving a scenario!

Saving a scenario is a two step process and is made easier with the help of a 'Wizard'. The Wizard provides instructions on selecting various reports and creating new file folders for each scenario. To save a scenario click Save a Scenario in the toolbar or from the File drop down menu. This will open the Scenario Wizard and provide an overview of the the steps required.