Node snapping and labeling

Node snapping is the process of shifting the location of line end points so that are exactly coincident with the end points of other lines that end at exactly the same location. Data sets that have not been "node snapped" may have small and sometimes imperceptible differences in the digital locations of adjoining end points, To the human eye these points may seem to be in the same location, but upon zooming in the gap between point may be seen.

Node snapping is desirable because correctly aligned nodes implicitly define network connectivity. The "Build Road Segments" tool can identify segment connectivity from exactly coincident road end points.

Node labeling is the process of adding the "from" and "to" node labels to the road segment spatial file. Node labels explicitly define the network connectivity. The "Build Road Segments" tool can identify network connectivity using explicit node labels if they are present.

Node snapping and node labeling are commonly available GIS functions. Check the documentation for your GIS product for more information.