In order for Patchworks to include the transportation modelling for all planning periods the road network needs to be densified to provide connectivity of each block onto the road network. This densification step provides the model with candidate roads to fill in the holes left by the existing roads and completes the connectivity of the entire road model. The model will then have the choice to 'build' the candidate roads as required to implement the management strategy.

There are two general philosophies when it comes to densifying. One involves extensive planning and time while the other represents a quick approximation. It does not matter to Patchworks which method you chose simply that your final road file contains the required fields and information.

Some of the common densification steps involve:


Patchworks provides a tool (in the Data Prep folder of the Application Launcher) to generate a lattice. The lattice generation tool will create an ESRI Generate file based on the parameters filled in the wizard (the extent, the height and width of the squares, rows and columns of lattice and output file name). This file can then be modified to remove any water crossings or roadless areas.


It is important to remember that roads added in the densification process do not currently exist and will therefore be built by the model when they are required. It is therefore important add an associated construction cost with these segments. Existing segments will not require a construction cost.