Road Networks

Table of Contents

Road network data model example
Preparing a Patchworks road network
Addition of candidate future roads
Intermodal bulk transport and non-roads
Densify roads
Node snapping and labeling
Road file attributes
Preparing the destination file
Generating the Patchworks Road Model
Correcting Route Connectivity
Road network tables

This section will cover the preparation and assembly of the necessary files to create a Patchworks road network. As you may recall from the the section called “Route Accounts” the road network is an essential component that is required to implement a transportation model. The files need to prepare the road network data set include the existing and potential roads within your study area, the mill (or destination) locations and of course the block dataset representing the polygons that may be harvested.

There are other important sections in this user guide that explain other aspects of the transportation model. Refer to the following sections if you are looking for specific information on: