The destination file provides names and locations of processing facilities. See Table 20, “Destinations file format description” for a detailed description of the segment file format.

Table 20. Destinations file format description

Field nameData typeDescription
NODEStringAn alphanumeric label that is used to identify the node for matching purposes. The label must match to a value in the vertices.csv file.
ACCOUNTStringThe name of the destination account that will be created in the Patchworks model to represent this end point.
TURNAROUNDFloatThis field is optional and if specified provides a value that represents the turnaround time costs at the destination ($/unit product). The cost includes loading, unloading and other idle time while the truck is waiting. This number is multiplied by the volume of product delivered to the destination and is added in to the haul account for that destination.

The NODE field contains an identification label of the closest node to the processing facility.

The ACCOUNT field contains the unique name of the facility that will be used to create a destination account within the Patchworks model. It is a Patchworks convention that destination names begin with "destination.", although any account name may be used. There should be one record for each processing facility being modelled.

The following example illustrates a number of destinations.csv records.

37805, destination.MILL1
5205, destination.MILL2
37805, destination.MILL3