The Build Road Segments program will create a cost file for each declared mill destination. The files will be named with 'cost_' followed by the destination account name. Each cost file describes the cumulative cost of the least cost path to the destination from each node in the network. See Table 23, “Connectivity file format description” for a detailed description of the segment file format.

Table 23. Connectivity file format description

Field nameData typeDescription
NODEStringAn alphanumeric label that is used to identify the node from where the cost is calculated. The label must match to a value in the vertices.csv file (see vertices.
SUM_HAUL or SUM_LENGTHFloatThe cost value is determined by an option provided to the Build Road Segments tool, and may be either SUM_HAUL or SUM_LENGTH (meaning to compute the least cost based on summing the hauling cost on each segment, or the length of each segment).

This file provides helpful information about the least cost surface of the road network. Join this file along with the linkages file to the original block spatial file to map out the least cost path surface. Reviewing this information will provide a visual confirmation of the variety of costs to each mill destination from all points in the forest.

Below is an example of several cost.csv records:

 20, 117176.74831191175
 64, 115125.17546775937
 72, -1.0
 80, -1.0
 86, -1.0
 91, 114590.15072794816
 100, 114458.60717238123
 116, 115269.23169474507

In this example the cost surface was prepared by summing the segment length, and this is reflected in the name of the cost column.


Negative cost values indicate that the node connects to a part of the road network that does not have connectivity to the mill destination. Corrections to the input spatial data may be required.