The connectivity.csv file indicates if road segments have connectivity through the network to at least one mill. If a segment can connect to a mill the connectivity value will be 'true'. See Table 22, “Connectivity file format description” for a detailed description of the segment file format.

Table 22. Connectivity file format description

Field nameData typeDescription
SEGMENTStringAn alphanumeric label that is used to identify the segment. The label must match to a value in the segments.csv file (see segments.
CONNECTIVITYBooleanA true or false value indicating if the segment can connect through the topology of the road network to at least one mill destination.

This file provides helpful information about the connectivity status of the road network. Join this file to the original road spatial file to see which road segments are not properly connected.

Below is an example of several connectivity.csv records:

 62, false
 63, false
 68, true
 74, true
 75, true
 97, true


Segments that are not connected will have no means to transport products to mills, leading to incorrect results.