Preparing the destination file

The road destination file is a simple point feature file with one point for each destination. Each point that is to be used as a destination requires a label in the ACCOUNT field. If the point is not intended to represent a destination then the ACCOUNT field may be left blank.

The point file may optionally include a TURNAROUND value. If this field is present the numeric value represents an additional cost per unit product that will be added to the haul cost. This additional value represents the time and costs associated with the non-driving time of the truck during a pickup and delivery cycle, such as loading, scale house and unloading times.

Table 16. Required fields for spatial destination data

ACCOUNTThe name to be given to the destination account. This is usually in the form of "" where name is an alphanumeric label that describes the destination facility. If the ACCOUNT field is blank then the feature will not be used to create a destination account.
TURNAROUNDAn optional cost per unit of product that will be added to the hauling cost for products delivered to this destination. The turnaround cost is intended to account for the time and costs for loading and unloading at either end of the route.