Generating the Patchworks Route Model

Patchworks provides a tool to generate all the necessary road data files to describe the relationship between the road network, the destinations and the blocks in the model. The resulting road data model files are described in detail in the following section. The Build Road Segments tool can be found in the Data Prep folder of the Application Launcher. The tool requires the following information to be entered into the Wizard:

Figure 181. Build Road Segments Tool


You are NOT prompted for the directory where these files will deposited. They are automatically deposited into the same directory where your roads and mill files are located. If there are already road data files in this directory, they will be overwritten without warning.

The Build Road Segments tool will generate the necessary CSV data files that will work together to describe the connectivity and wood flow in your model. See the section below Road model data files for details on these files and how they are related.