Range Report

The Range Report has been replaced by the Category Pattern Report. We felt that a range is a type of category and for simplicities sake, we grouped both the Category and the Range Report into the Category Pattern Report (see the section called “Category Pattern Report”). The old Range Report is still functional in Patchworks and is therefore explained below.

A Range Report allows for data to be displayed and classified by a predefined range and unique feature attributes. In this type of report Ranges provide the rows of the HTML table and X-axis, while attributes provide the columns and bar chart stacks. This set up allows the user to ascertain TOTALS for the ranges they have defined, based on the unique attributes that have been slotted into the classes.

The Range Report is not broken down by planning periods, but by ranges and attributes. A Range Report does allow the user to specify which periods are to be used to sum cell values. This means a user could specify a single period, a range of periods or the entire planning horizon in a Range Report. This flexibility in the report definition creates a very useful type of report to summarize and display important data for the model.

A Range Report creates an HTML table, embedded PNG bar chart and links to CSV and Index Reports. These three files are saved out when a scenario is saved, and can be viewed in a web browser or used in other applications outside of Patchworks. The unique feature of a Range Report is the need to define a range in the PIN file. This range can be used again and again in Range Reports, as well as Period Range Reports.