Polygon Splitter — Program to split polygons into pieces



ca.spatial.gis.vector.PolygonSplitter {in} {out} {select} {gridsize}


inname of a coverage or shape fileNone
outname of a polygon shape fileNone
selectCriteria of selecting polygons to be split None
gridSizesplitting grid dimensions None


The Polygon Splitter program will copy the specified coverage or shape file and split those polygons that meet the selection criteria. Any polygons that do not meet the selection criteria will be copied to the output file unchanged.



The name of a polygon coverage or shapefile to be input into the splitter.


The name of the shape file to which the polygons will be written.


An expression to describe the polygons that are candidates for splitting. Polygons that do not meet the criteria will be copied to the output file unchanged.


Size of the square grid sections to be used to split selected polygons.

Processing Notes

When run from the comand line, selection arguments must be enclosed by quotations (" ").

See Also

Dissolve Polygons


java -jar patchworks.jar ca.spatial.gis.vector.PolygonSplitter \
      gamma2.shp output.shp "area > 500000" 500


In this example, a polygon shape file named "gamma2.shp" is input into the splitter with a reselect criteria of area greater than 500,000 square metres. Any polygons meeting the criteria are split using a square grid with sides 500m in length. The size of the grid sections used for splitting is thus 250,000 square metres, or 25 hectares. The polygons, both split and unsplit, are written to a shape file named "output.shp"