Period Value Report

The Period Value Report has been replaced by the Period Pattern Report (see the section called “Period Category Report”). The old Period Value Report is still functional in Patchworks and is therefore explained below.

At first glance a Period Value Report may appear very similar to a Standard Report, however there are some significant and important differences. A Period Value Report is slightly more flexible and can be defined to accommodate more specific information requirements, and is best suited to the Block Table.

A Standard Report is designed to use information in the Target Table. It collects the targetPrefix information from the "TARGET" column of the table, to determine which unique targets (rows) are to be used to populate the report. A Period Value Report collects information based on attribute columns of the data source table, most likely the Block Table. In this sense, the reports differ on where and how the information is collected and summed for the table, giving the user the flexibility to create reports from any table in the Patchworks model.

The Period Value report also allows the user to specify which periods should be represented in the output, whereas the Standard Report does not include this option. The ouputs and formats of the Period Value Report are similar, producing three files (HTML, PNG and CSV) formatted for each file type and saved with each scenario folder.