Period Range Report

The Period Range Report has been replaced by the Period Category Report (see the section called “Period Category Report”). In this report, the columns can be any range or category. The old Period Range Report is still functional in Patchworks and is therefore explained below.

A Period Range Report is similar in format to a Standard Report however, information can be further divided and classified into defined "ranges". This type of report can better summarize types of information by grouping attributes into meaningful categories for each time period in the planning horizon. Unlike the Standard Report, planning periods to be represented can be specified instead of using the entire planning horizon. Period Range Reports can be created from any of the tables and attributes used in the Patchworks model.

One of the unique features of the Period Range Report is the need to define a particular range for the columns of the HTML table, as well as the groupings found in the stacked bar chart (PNG). These ranges are defined in the PIN file once, and can be used again and again in various reports. Construction of ranges and the associated parametres are discussed below.

Period Range Reports supply the user with a well formatted visual summary of information derived from the optimization model and tables. Each report contains a user defined title with attached Scenario name, a HTML table and embedded PNG bar chart, and a link to CSV data and index. These reports can be viewed in a web browser or can be saved with a Working with scenarios to be viewed and used in other applications.