Multiple Target Report

After you have set up all your index reports, the next most useful report is the Multiple Target Report. Since this report summarizes groups of records found within the target table, it is the simplest way to show you how your targets are doing. Each row of the report table represents data which was summarized from a single plannning period, and all planning periods are present in the report. The column headings are derived from searching the 'TARGET' column of the target table the section called “ The Target Table ” for names that match the specified targetPrefix parameter. The cell values of the report table are created from an expression, for example dividing current model values by the period width to display annual information. Whereas the Target Report describes values for a single target, the Multiple Target Report illustrates several in one chart based on the pattern that you designate. For example, if you designate the prefix "feature.Yield.", the Multiple Target Report will show values for managed and unmanaged conifer and managed and unmanaged deciduous yields. Think of the Multiple Target Report as several Target Reports in one.