Map Viewer — A general purpose map viewer tool



ca.spatial.mapview.MapViewer [inputFile]


inputFileAn optional coverage or shapefile to be displayed. If no filename is provided, the tool will start up and await commands. None


The MapViewer tool is a simple map viewer similar to ArcView (however with a much limited feature set). Using the tool you can select spatial data for display, zoom and pan around the input data, query features, reclassify and symbolize features using a variety of options, and examine, summarize and export attribute data.

Processing Notes

Spatial data can be added to the MapViewer using a 'drag and drop' action from the Windows Explorer or any other data source that supports 'drag and drop'.

See Also

the section called “Map Viewer”


      java -jar patchworks.jar ca.spatial.mapview.MapViewer test.shp

In this example the Map Viewer will be started and will initially display the shapefile named 'test.shp'