Map Viewer

The Map Viewer is a general purpose GIS map viewing application, with capabilities to display a range of geo-spatial data using complex symbology. The Map Viewer has a number of features to navigate through spatial data, including interactive zoom, pan, and query functions. The thematic content can be 'scale thresholded' so that appropriate symbols are revealed at various map scales.

In addition to the typical map viewing functions, the Patchworks Map Viewer is integrated into the Patchworks modelling environment. Since Patchworks deals with temporal data, the Map Viewer is tuned to easily displaying modelling data representing a range of time periods. The Map Viewer also provides quick access to data inspectors that show details about the internal state of the simulation.

The Map Viewer is capable of displaying shapefile data, ESRI converage data, SDE data, as well as MrSID and ERMapper imagery. The architecture of the Map viewer is extensible, and it is possible to plug in additional data formats.

The Map Viewer is part of the main Patchworks window. It is also possible to 'clone' the mapviewer in order to obtain multiple views of the spatial modelling data. Cloned Map Viewers are similar in appearance and operation to the main Map Viewer, but they do not contain the simulation modelling control buttons and menu items.

There are a number of tools and functions that make it easy to move around the input datasets to view spatial data from different scales and views. Different map layers can be added and removed from view, as well as rearranged in different orders or viewed at different time periods. Other tools include: Zoom to Full Extent, Zoom to the selected layer, zoom to previous extent and zoom to selected features. Specific sections and points on the map can be analysed by using the "Zoom in" and "Zoom in Mode". The map can also be easily repositioned with the "Pan" tool if the particular area of interest is off the map viewer at a specific scale. Once an acceptable view or scale has been achieved, blocks can be selected, attributes identified or the entire screen shot can be exported for use in other applications.