Creating Summary Accounts

The Matrix Builder (see the section called “Building the Matrix”) generates the precursor to the accounts.csv file which is the protoaccounts.csv file. This file defines simple summary accounts for every stand attribute where the account name is identical to the attribute name. It is recommended that you make a copy of this file to "accounts.csv" and then modify to suit. If you run the Matrix Builder and generate the protoaccounts file again, it will not overwrite your modified accounts.csv file.


In the above example, the first four lines of the above accounts.csv came directly from the protoaccounts.csv file generated by the The Matrix Builder (the account names are the same as the attribute names). They represent the growing stock and yield from the conifer and deciduous forests. The last four lines were duplicated from the first four, and then the account name was changed to to create total accounts. These new accounts represent the total growing stock and yield from the entire forest as they sum both the conifer and deciduous forest. Similarly, other accounts can be added that create broader product or species groups, or net values.


Eliminate unnecessary accounts from the accounts.csv file. Extra accounts that are not used as objectives, or for reporting, will required more memory and will slow down the simulation.

Net values can be computed by adding benefits and subtracting costs. The following example illustrates an account that uses this method to add sawlogs product values, and subtract harvest costs and stumpage values:



Target charts will only be available to set objectives if an account is defined in the accounts.csv file, using the PIN builder, or directly in the PIN file. In other words, there may be many attributes in the block table but they do not have account definitions they will not be available as Targets.