Geo-relational attribute tables

Geo-relational attribute tables present the attribute values associated with geographic features in a mapping layer. Examples would include the block table, route tables and the network table.

Each feature layer in the map viewer has an attribute table that can be accessed by selecting a layer in the map legend and clicking on the Show Table icon on the main toolbar. The block attribute table can also be accessed by selecting "Show 'block attributes' table" from the View drop down menu on the main Patchworks toolbar.

Patchworks attribute tables usually have a temporal dimension. This is indicated by the presence of a slider-bar on the right side of the Table Viewer window. The values displayed in the Table Viewer will represent the state of the simulation for the temporal period selected by the slider bar. Some geo-relational attribute tables contain temporal data that is maintained by the Patchworks model, i.e. the block attribute table.