attribute — Return a reference to an attribute curve that has the matching attribute label.



The ATTRIBUTE function has the following argument:


The label of the attribute to be retrieved.


Return a reference to a attribute curve that has a matching attribute label. An attribute curve is the result of all previously encounterd and processed attribute statements that match to the same label for the currently active stand.

This function only operates in the context of the Matrix Builder. This function is sensitive to the order that it is encountered within a ForestModel XML file. The attribute that this function referes to must have been previously defined.

The attribute being looked up must also be from the same attribute class. For example a 'feature' attribute can only be looked up while processing a feature attribute, and a 'product' attribute may only be looked up while processing product attributes.

If the attribute label has not been defined then an undefined attribute exception will occur. If the 'ignoremissing' condition has been set to true then the function will return a zero value curve. Otherwise, an error condition will be raised and the Matrix Builder will terminate.






Look up the attribute for the '%f.Yield.Spp.'+SPP attribute, for whatever the value of SPP is for the stand being processed.Curve