append — Append one or more values or lists in to a single list


append(list or value, list or value...)

The APPEND function has the following arguments:


A list whose elements should be appended in to a new list


A value to be appended in to a new list


The append function accepts a variable number of lists or values and uses these to form a new list. For list arguments each element of the list will be added in to the new list.

The append function accepts one or more arguments. A new list is created Each argument is processed in sequence. Values are added to the list as elements. List arguments have their elements copied individually in to the new list.

Lists are formed with all elements having the same data type. An error condition will arise if the arguments to the append function do not have identical data types .





append({1,2,3},4)Return a list of integers{1,2,3,4}
append('a','b','c')Return a list of strings{'a','b','c'}
append({'a',' b'},'c',{'d','e'})Return a list of strings.{'a', 'b','c','d','e'}
append('a',{1,2,3})The argument data types are different and an error occurs error