Exclusive Route Reports

In addition to the route destination reports, there are two sets of exclusive route reports that detail information about where the volume from each block is going. In the sample dataset, the volume yields were set up to be grouped into conifer (conif) and deciduous (decid). The first reports detail where each of these volume groups go. Because there are two volume groups, there will be two files: "Exclusive account assignments to Mill.Conif" and "Exclusive account assignments to Mill.Decid". These files contain a row for each block and a column for each period. Each cell contains the mill for which the wood from that particular block in that particular period goes. The second set of reports detail if the wood from a particular block and period is locked to a particular mill. These files are called "Exclusive account locks on Mill.Conif" and "Exclusive account locks on Mill.Decid". The rows and columns are block number and period, and the cells either contain an "f" or a "t" for whether the block is locked ("t") in that particular period or not ("f").