Editing Symbols: The Symbol Editor

A map displayed in the Map Viewer is composed of a number of different components depending on the complexity of the features being represented. Most maps are composed of several layers, each layer representing a different feature of the same geographical extent. In Patchworks each layer is also composed of several components: symbols and unclassified symbols, and these components have their own layers of: lines, points and fills. As you can see, there is more to a map than the finished product! Each of these layers possess their own unique properties which can be set and adjusted to represent different features on the planning area, from entire layers to the tiny labels that appear on individual polygons.

Although this may seem somewhat overwhelming, these options are available for users who wish to fine tune the results being displayed by the scheduler or for final output. To maintain continuity and understanding each component of a layer is adjusted and edited using the same tools. For example, visibility, scale and transparency adjustments apply to all components and are modified using the same tools.

Figure 86. Symbol Editor Dialog Box

Changes made in the symbol editor are registered to the layer by clicking 'Apply' in the the 'Layer Properties' dialog box.

The 'Symbol Editor' consists of three main sections: Preview, Layers and Properties. These tools are available to fine tune the individual symbol selected from the map layer, from a colour change to a change in the behaviour of the entire symbol.