Stratas file

The stratas.csv file contains well structured information about the stratification code values for each the intial conditions and each successional transition point in the track. These values are used within the block attribute table to report on stratification values at any point in the simulation.

See Table 12, “Stratas file format” for a detailed description of the stratas file.

Table 12. Stratas file format

AttributeData TypeDescription
TRACKString An alphanumeric label that matches a track label.
OFFSETIntegerThe offset at which the values in this record applies. The value will apply up until the offset age for the next record for this track.
NEXTAGEIntegerThe next age value that the block will be set to following this transition.
CYCLEIntegerThe cycle value starts at 0 for initial stand conditions, and increments by one for each record that represents a succession event.
STRATA...StringMultiple columns follow, one for each stratification column in the model. The values in each field contain the stratification codes for that point in the model.

Example 16. Sample stratas file records

  TRACK,  OFFSET,  NEXTAGE,  CYCLE,  theme1,  theme2, theme3, theme4
  1,      0,       0,        0,      P1,      Y7,     D,      OLDMIN
  1,      425,     5,        1,      P1,      Y7,     D,      OLDMIN
  2,      0,       0,        0,      P1,      Y6,     D,      OLDMIN
  2,      425,     5,        1,      P1,      Y6,     D,      OLDMIN