Package sequences file

The packagesequences.csv file describes the second and subsequent treatments that make up a treatment package.

See the section called “Packages file” for a detailed description of the packages file.

Table 14. Package sequences file format

AttributeData TypeDescription
PACKAGEStringA label that matches a package label from the packages file (see the section called “Packages file”).
TREATMENTString A label that identifies the next treatment to be applied in the treatment package. This treatment must be defined in the treatments.csv file (see the section called “Treatments”) for this track, which a matching operability range and cycle number.
DELAYIntegerThe number of years after the previous treatment in the package when this treatment must be applied.

The timing of when the first treatment in the package may be chosen by the scheduler, but all subsequent treatments in the package are applied in a fixed timing as specified by the DELAY value. The DELAY value applies to the previously applied treatment in the sequence.