Adding Reports using the PIN file

Reports can be added to the Report Writer from within the PIN file. User defined reports are manually added to the PIN file following the structure indicated for each particular type of report. Each type of report is unique in how it is added and how it summarizes and displays data, therefore it is important to understand what message you are trying to convey.

Reports are added by using the method reportWriter.addReport(... (reportWriter is a variable). Below is an example of how a Standard Report would be added to the Report Writer in the PIN file.

Example 6. Add New Report Command

ReportWriter.addReport(new StandardReport("silvCosts",
                       "Silvicultural costs", 
                       "$", control.getTargetTable(),
                       "product.Cost.silv.managed", "CURRENT", 

The format and definition of each report type is available in more detail in the following sections, as well as examples in the sample PIN files included with your copy of the Patchworks software. Consult the API documentation for the ReportWriter class for details.

For complete descriptions of each report constructor see Report Syntax.