Defining Comparison Reports Using the Wizard

There is a handy wizard accessible from the Comparisons tab, that facilitates creating comparison reports. Simply right click on the Comparisons folder in the Comparisons tab in the main Patchworks window. When you select "Add report", there will be three options available to you. You can either add a new folder, an indicator comparison report, or a text report. When you select "Indicator Comparison Report", the wizard will take you through creating one. You can also choose which scenarios to compare when you right click on the Comparisons folder. When you right click on an existing report, and select "Show constructor" it will display the code that corresponds with the report you have made from this wizard. When you select "Properties" on an existing report, you can see what was selected at each of the windows of the wizard for that particular report. This gives you an idea on what to select from the wizard. You can try this when you load the sample data set supplied with Patchworks