Patchworks Applications

Table of Contents

Compose Animation — Creates a GIF format animation from multiple input image files.
Dissolve Polygons — A simple polygon dissolve utility
Extract curves from an XML file — Extract curves from a ForestModel XML file, and saves the values in CSV format.
Generate Lattice — Create a lattice of line segments in ESRI generate format
GridASCII — Creates an ASCII format grid file from an ESRI binary grid file.
Console — The IProperties program opens a command console through which the user can execute scripts using a Java-like language.
Compute Zone Majority (raster) — A tool to compute overlaps between polygons in a base coverage and a zone coverage using a raster algorithm
Compute Zone Majority (vector)
Map Viewer — A general purpose map viewer tool
Build Road Segments
PolyGrid — Rasterize a polygon file
Matrix Builder
Proximal Topology (raster) — program to generate,using a raster based algorithm, polygon distances to neighbouring polygons.
Polygon Splitter — Program to split polygons into pieces
Proportional allocation — Calculates a proportional allocation for succession and treatment response outcomes based on the STRAP algorithm.
Inspect Tracks — Visually review track data sets.
SFMM Model Conversion — A program to convert SFMM input files to ForestModel XML format
Woodstock Model Conversion — Woodstock to ForestModel XML conversion wizard.
CurveBuilder — Reads in curve files and writes out CSV files that are suitable as input to the Matrix Builder.

The following applications are accessible from the Application Launcher.