Road network tables

When a road network model has been loaded in to Patchworks (see the section called “Add route account code to the PIN file”) a number of additional columns become available in the Block Attribute table, as well as additional data tables describing the network and the routes to the destinations. These tables and columns are useful for diagnostics and reporting.

The Block Attributes table will contain two additional columns for each destination. The column names are formed with the destination account name and the suffixes 'length' and 'haul'. These columns describe the distance ('length', in maps units) to reach the destination from each block, and the cost ('haul', usually in dollars) to haul one unit of product to the destination.

These values from these columns can be rendered on a map layer, usually with a numeric range theme. Choosing an appropriate number of class breaks and a color ramp will a gradient map showing haul cost or haul distance contours.

Similarly, reports can be produce a variety of summaries, such as the amount of harvest over time by haul cost zone:

The the section called “The Network Table” and the section called “Route Tables” provides information about all segments and may also be used to produce maps and reports.