The destination file provides names and locations of processing facilities. There are two fields in the destination file: NODE and ACCOUNT. The NODE field contains an identification label of the closest vertex to the processing facility. The ACCOUNT field contains a unique name of the facility. It is a Patchworks convention that destination names begin with "destination.". There should be one record for each processing facility being modelled.


The optional COSTCOLUMN provides a cue to the Patchworks model as to how it should set up the initial orientation of the road network. The initialization algorithm will compute least-cost based on the specified cost factor. The cost factor options are 'haul" or "build". If a value other than "haul" or "build" is specified, or if no value is specified, then "haul" will be used. The initial orientation is just the starting point for the model. The scheduler will alter the road segments being used in order to come up with an overall best fit for the stand scheduled for harvest.