What management treatments are available for block 27?

We were able to ascertain all the information relating to the forest stand dynamics in both the managed and unmanaged areas by locating and examining the records associated with block 27 in the blocks.csv, features.csv and curves.csv files. Two important questions remain: what management options are available for block 27 and what products are derived from various management treatments? These questions can be answered by exploring the remaining two core files: treatments.csv and products.csv.

Example 17. Records from the treatments file

	  19     86      300     CC           19         A       0       0
	  19     506     620     CC           19         A       0       0
	  23     86      300     CC           23         A       0       0
	  23     506     720     CC           23         A       0       0
	  28     86      300     CC           28         A       0       0
	  28     406     620     CC           28         A       0       0

The treatments.csv file is organized by track number as well. To find the management treatment options available for block 27 we must find the records for Track.23. There will be one record for each treatment type option for each track.

Two records exist for Track.23, indicating there are two treatment options in this block. The treatment is a CC (clearcut), available between the ages of 86 and 300 or again after a succession event between 506 and 700.

If the CC treatment is applied to block 27, it will have a post-treatment condition specified by the NEWTRACK field. The new track value is Track.23 (the same as before the treatment), but the offset age will be set to 0.

We can use the Treatment Editor to see how the restrictions and options from the treatments.csv file are applied to the modelling process.

  1. The Treatment Editor can be accessed by right clicking on a block in the Map viewer.

  2. To apply a treatment in the Editor, move the pointer to the future time of interest and right-click in the line chart. This will display a pop up menu of all management treatment options for the block. In our example, when we moved to the future time 60 and right-clicked in the block 27 editor only one treatment was available: CC. This corresponds to what we saw in the treatments.csv earlier.

  3. You will notice that a lot of the information we have obtained regarding block 27 from the core files is listed in the Treatment Editor, for both the managed (left hand column) and unmanaged areas (right hand column).

  4. You can click on the yellow vertical line that represents the timing of the CC treatment and drag this to the left and the right. As you move the treatment timing, the features and products will automatically update. You may not move the harvest timing below the early operability limit, or above the late limit. If you try to right click on a timing that does not have operable treatments, the menu will display a not applicable message.