Data values from the block file

If we examine the contents of the block.csv file we can locate the records for our example block 27. Block 27 has both a managed and unmanaged portion and therefore contains two records. (Remeber, there is always one record per block, however, in the Block Table). From the image in the Map Viewer we can see that block 27 is a single spatial unit (one polygon), however the block file let's us know that there are two types of forest present.

The block file indicates that the managed portion of the block makes up 9.63 ha, has an average age (offset) of 72 years and is described by features and treatments found in Track.23. The unmanaged portion of block 27 is larger with an area of 19.72 ha, an average age (offset) of 62 years and is described by a completely different set of features found in Track.22 (unmanaged areas are not eligible for treatments).

	  BLOCK   TYPE       TRACK          OFFSET        AREA
	  27      unmanaged  22             62            19.72067
	  27      managed    23             72            9.634239