A track is the Patchworks structure that associates blocks with forest dynamics. Every block is associated with one or two tracks (depending on the distribution of managed and unmanaged areas within the block) that describe the changing forest conditions and available management treatments.

A track is made up of:

Tracks are referred to by an identification label stored in the TRACKS field in several core files. Tracks are initially associated with blocks by the value in the TRACKS field in the blocks.csv file (see the section called “Blocks”).

Each management type in the block (managed and unmanaged) is described by a separate track since each type represents unique and independent forest conditions. A track can be referenced many times if several blocks share the same forest dynamics. In Example 11, “Sample block file records”, the unmanaged portion of block 6, block 8 and block 10 are all described by the features contained in the track with identification label Track.7.

Features are a collection of attribute curves that describe the quantitative characteristics of the block (see the section called “Features”).

Treatments are a collection of management treatments that are available to be applied to the block (see the section called “Treatments”)