Saving the PIN file from the PIN Builder

We now have the elements required to create our PIN file and load our model with transportation and harvest patch accounts. Our PIN file is by no means finished however! There are many other elements and more advanced features that can be added to the PIN file and used to load additional features in your model. All of these elements are explored in other sections of the User Guide. Some of the additional features include:

Let's take a look at our PIN file and get a better understanding of how some of the elements we added are translated into Beanshell code.

  1. Click the 'Show code' button on the left to open the PIN file in the Code Viewer.

  1. Save a copy of this Base PIN file in the Quick Tour III analysis folder by selecting 'Save' from under the File menu item.

  2. Close the Code Viewer and the PIN Builder window by clicking on the 'X' in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Choose Patchworks from the bottom of the list in the Application Launcher and 'Go' to start the program.

  4. Navigate to your newly created PIN file in the Quick Tour III analysis directory and click 'Finish'.

The moment of truth! Let's load our model using our new PIN file and see what we have created.