Starting the PIN Builder

Before we build our PIN file we need to rename one of the files generated from the Matrix Builder. In order to load our model we need to create an accounts.csv file. The Matrix Builder generates a protoaccounts.csv file for you. This file contains an account for every attribute in your XML file... a great starting point! We will rename this file so that the next time you use the matrix builder, you won't inadvertantly overwrite the accounts.

  1. Rename the protoaccounts.csv to accounts.csv in the tracks folder of the Quick Tour III directory.


For more information on the protoaccounts.csv file see the section called “Creating Summary Accounts”.

  1. Let's get started by opening the PIN Builder from the Application Launcher in the Data Prep section.

  2. Navigate to the analysis folder in the Quick tour III directory. This will help the PIN Builder determine a relative path to all the other necessary files. Be sure to save the PIN file in this folder to maintain the paths defined. Click 'Next' when finished.

Figure 171. PIN Builder dialog

The PIN Builder requires input to identify the staring location for the PIN file to establish all the necessary relative paths to other important data model files and set up the planning horizon and period widths. Additional elements can be added in the Optional Elements dialog (see below).

  1. In the 'Planning Horizon' window enter a period width of 5 and 40 planning periods. Click next to continue.

  2. Navigate to your tracks folder in the Quick Tour III directory. This is the location of your data model files that were generated by the Matrix Builder.

  3. Navigate to your block shapefile (blocks.shp)in the Quick Tour III directory to define the block data set.

  4. Choose BLOCK as the join key between the shapefile and the label used to generate the data model files.

  5. Click 'Finish' to open the 'Optional PIN file elements' window.