Example PIN File Definition

Following Range Report was defined in a PIN file to produce the example outputs for this section. The range definition for this report was included at the beginning of this sections (ageClass).

	ReportWriter.addReport(new RangeReport("detail_period/areaFu/period2", 
	"Managed area by forest type and
	age class for period 2 ",
	new int[] {2},
	"Spatial Planning Systems",

In this example a Range Report was added to the Report Writer with the filename "period2". Three reports will be created (period2.html, period2.csv and period2.png) and included in the sub-folders (detail_period/areaFu). These reports will all have the title "Managed area by forest type and age class for period 2", which will appear in the Index Report, the Report Writer directory tree and in the report itself.

The PNG sub-report will be labelled with the units "hectares" along the Y-axis. Information for the report is retrieved from the "Block Table" (control.getBlockTable()), using the column prefix of "feature.Area.managed". Any unique attributes that begin with the prefix "feature.Area.managed" would be included in the report and create the columns of the HTML table. The "MANAGEDOFFSET" column in the Block Table was used to sort and classify the attributes into the defined "ageClass" ranges.

This is a very specific report, summarizing information for only one planning period (P:2), however other periods could have been included here. This report will include the company name "Spatial Planning Systems" below the PNG sub-report and the information will be presented in absolute terms as opposed to a percentage of the row total (computePercent = false).