Target Level Reports

The Target Level Report is the exception to the other Scenario Reports produced by Patchworks, as it provides a well formatted HTML and PNG sub-report along with the CSV file for each individual target. If you want a quick visual of what the current status of a particular target is, click on its corresponding target level report. The Target Level Reports are automatically produced for you and held within a seperate folder of the Report Writer directory tree entitled Targets. These Reports are formatted similarly to the User Defined reports, and follow the General Report Layout of the common report types.

Each report pertains to a single account. Information contained within these reports is a combination of the Target Summary and Target Status reports, however it is broken down for each individual account.

The default report provided by the Report Writer is the HTML report, which includes the full name of the account with scenario name, an embedded PNG bar chart, formatted HTML table and links to the CSV and Index reports. These three reports are produced automatically when the scenario is saved (unless implicitly specified otherwise) and will appear in the scenario folder as 'accountname.csv, accountname.png, accountname.html'.

The CSV sub-report is the simplest formatting. The first row contains the column headings starting with PERIOD, and ending with SUMMARY. Each subsequent row represents one period in the planning horizon and contains the exact values set for minimum/maximum levels and weights, as well as the CURRENT value of the target when the report was produced. If the target has a summary value it will appear as the last value in each row. The following is an example of a target level CSV report.



The HTML sub-report contains similar information to the CSV report however it is formatted appropriately in an easy to read table. The table represents each period as a row, and each value of the target as a column. The HTML table also related whether or not the target and objectives are ACTIVE by changing the colour of the cell values in the table. IF the target is INACTIVE all cell values will appear grey, if the objectives are INACTIVE the values in those particular coloumns will appear grey. Active values will always appear black. The following is an example of an HTML Target Level Table.

Figure 130. HTML Target Level Sub-Report

Every Target Level HTML table contains a Period column (BLUE) and Target Level column headings (GREEN), and cell values (TAN). In this particular table the account and objectives are active, as all the text in the cells is black. If the account was not active at the time the report was produced the text would appear faded (grey).

The PNG sub-report is saved as a seperate file in the scenario folder however it appears embedded in the HTML report by default. The PNG report is a bar chart containing unique bars for the Maximum objective, Minimum Objective and the Current value of the target. The Maximum and Minimum objective bars will only appear in the bar chart if the Objectives are ACTIVE. The following is an example of PNG sub-report.

Figure 131. PNG Target Level Sub-Report