Example PIN File Definition

cw.addReport(new RangeIndicatorCompareReport("volume_SPF", 
                                             "SPF Volume harvested",
                                             reportWriter, comparisonWriter, 
                                             "Species Group",
                                             spgColumns = new String[] {"product.Yield.managed.SpGrp.SPF"}, 
                                             new String[] {"SPF"},


The filename for this report will be "volume_SPF". The title is "SPF Volume harvested". The units along the y-axis is "m3/year". The x-axis caption is "Species Group" and the legend caption is "Limits". The report to be used to compare between the scenarios is call volumeSPF.csv. The column within this report to compare is product.Yield.managed.SpGrp.SPF. The name on the x-axis will be SPF. An array called "spfLimits" will be used to direct the constructor to the targets set for this account.