Example PIN file Definition

A Comparison Report is added to the PIN file in the same manner as reports for the Report Writer, and defined according to the parameters defined in an earlier section. The following example is the exact PIN definition used to produce the HTML, PNG and CSV sub-report examples in this section.

	  ComparisonWriter.addReport(new CompareReport("GrowingStock",
	  "Growing Stock",
	  new String[] {"growingStock.csv"},
	  new String[] {"TOTAL"}));


The filename of this report is 'GrowingStock', creating three file formats without specifying a file extension (GrowingStock.csv, GrowingStock.html, GrowingStock.png). The title of all reports is also 'Growing Stock' and will be used to identify this Comparison Report in the 'Comparison' panel in the main Patchworks window. 'ReportWriter' is specified to obtain the CURRENT conditions of the model, as well as information from 'scenariotestB' (other scenarios can be specified here in a list). The specific report in this scenario folder which contains the information is 'growingStock.csv' under the column 'TOTAL'.