Report Output and Formatting

A Box and Whisker Chart Report will automatically generate three formats: HTML, PNG and CSV. It is important that NO file extension is included when defining the filename parameter since the ".html", ".png" and ".csv" files are automatically created. The default report provided by the Report Writer is the HTML, however this format provides links to the other two formats.

The CSV sub-report contains comma separated text values which can be read into a text editor or spreadsheet application. This sub-report contains the simplest formatting, with the first row containing the column headings and subsequent rows containing values for each period. The first column in the table contains the period number, with a column heading of 'PERIOD'. Subsequent columns contain the values relating to the red dots in the .PNG report. The following shows a sample of a CSV format file:

PERIOD,YEAR,Saplings,Immature hardwood,Immature conifer,Mature balsam fir,Mature 
lowland conifer,Mature mixed conifer,Mature hardwood

The HTML sub-report contains a table holding similar information to the CSV report. The PNG chart is also found here but this contains additional information to the csv file, namely the box and whisker data.

The PNG sub-report shows the Box and Whisker chart. The The box and whisker information is an array of six numbers for each class. The array includes: mean, median, 25th percentile, 75th percentile, minimum, and the maximum. If the mean or median values are set to the value of Double.Nan then these indicators will not be drawn. The green box represents the range of natural variation from the first quartile (25th percentile) to the third quartile (75th percentile). The green "whiskers" on each end represent the smallest and largest observation. The black line in the green box represents the median. The mean is represented by a black dot in the green box. Each red dot represents a value from the simulation for each period. The Y-axis is automatically scaled to fit the data, and labeled with the units parameter. The X-axis displays each of the designated categories.

Figure 118. Box and Whisker Chart Report

The figure shows an example of the png report.

Besides the table, the HTML report also contains a title, the name of the scenario, an embedded PNG version of the report, optional supplementary HTML data (additionalHTML), and a link to an index report.